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Q. What is the Giosphere? A. It's clean fresh air filled with Fun Media. Q. Who owns the Giosphere? A. I own it and my name is Gio; hence, GIO'sphere. Q. Do you think you're cool? A. No I don't think i'm cool.... I am hot.. spicy hot. Q. Where are the nude photos? A. Sorry, I don't have adult related content because people surf this webpage at work. Q. Still have questions? A. Contact me using the contact link on the left.
Away on Vacation
This will be a short one because I'm really damn tired. I just spent a jolly good time in San Fran. and loved it. I suggest everyone to go there if you haven't already been. Coolest streets ever! Up and down and up and down, and it's just like that fun video game. I'm definitly going back.
22 Jun 2005 by gio
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Fun Fact Busted
If you read last weeks posts, you may remember the fun fact about scorpions and liquor. I stated, "A tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion will make it instantly go mad and sting itself to death." Well apparently this isn't true because someone actually tried it and emailed me.
-----------------Actual Email ------------------------------
If one places a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will
instantly go mad and sting itself to death. (per ...Maybe not!
Ok… I tried this last night… and it doesn’t work. I trapped him in a glass and put about 3 drops of vodka on him and he just sat there running around in the glass… absolutely no stinging himself. He was dead by this morning though and all the vodka had evaporated… maybe he ingested too much alcohol!
---------------------------End Email-------------------------
First off, i can't believe you actaully tried this. If I was going to test any of the fun facts, i'd try the "raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne" fact. Second, i'm wondering where you got this scorpion? Was it your pet crying or did you just find it in your back yard? wassat Third, maybe you just didn't watch the scorpion long enough? Forth and finally, next time film your little experiments so if something actually cool happens, you can upload the video to my site. I could post "the craziness" for the rest of us to see. I'd be interest to hear if you can disprove any of the other fun facts.
14 Jun 2005 by gio
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Mini Putt Games
Haven't posted in a while because i've been working on MiniPuttGames.complay mini putt. It's for the true mini putt addict. Also, I've also been working on a brand new site, which i'll let you know about in 2 weeks or so.
10 Jun 2005 by gio
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